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Immersive Training Approach

immersive eğitim yaklaşımı

At Enthusiast, we constantly develop methods to ensure that our trainings have the greatest impact. Our immersive training approach utilizes creative and innovative methods that surround participants, enhancing awareness and fostering behavior change.

What is Enthusiast’s Immersive Training Approach?


It is a training approach that we have designed ourselves, which surrounds participants with multiple methods and techniques in the development process. In this approach, we do not leave learning to chance with many different applications both in the classroom and throughout the entire learning process.  

entuhsiast immersive eğitim yaklaşımı

Our immersive training programs consist of 30% theory and 70% interactive exercises. We create all our exercises from original scenarios taken from real-life contexts of your company. In addition to theory and intensive exercises, our "Peer Mirroring" technique applied in group dynamics enhances the power of programs.

We conduct our training with small groups of 6-8 individuals who sit together and interact continuously. Through role-playing, case studies, and group exercises conducted either in the classroom or in separate rooms, we ensure behavior change. Each group is accompanied by an Enthusiast trainer to facilitate psychological-based exercises, role-playing, or detailed technical exercises, and to provide personalized guidance when needed. During the training, each participant engages in real-life role-playing exercises directly with us, the professional trainers, rather than with other participants. They identify challenges encountered during the application of learned techniques and transform them into behavioral changes during the training.

Depending on your preference, we can enhance the participant experience by providing role-playing opportunities with professional theater actors. We design our training as a learning journey spread over time: Beforehand, participants engage in development center exercises or preparation booklets, during the training, they receive handouts, and afterward, there are assignments, coaching/mentoring sessions parallel to the training, reinforcement follow-up meetings, and many more practices.

Experiential Learning

Our experiential learning solutions, complementing our immersive education approach, place participants at the heart of the learning process, facilitating meaningful and lasting behavior change. These practices, which keep interaction at the highest level, not only provide participants with information but also offer them the opportunity to learn how to apply it in their daily lives during our training. 


Individuals actively participating in the learning process learn by experiencing skills such as teamwork, leadership, effective communication, innovation, analytical thinking, and problem-solving through gamified tasks that challenge them to unleash their creativity. In an environment where inter-team competition also boosts motivation, participants learn by doing and internalize the knowledge through specially designed tasks aimed at skill development. 


Our training programs enriched with experiential learning tools increase participant motivation, help them remember what they've learned more effectively, and prepare them better to tackle real-life problems.

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Enthusiast Leadership
ve Talent Academies

At Enthusiast, we establish your academies from end to end with our immersive learning approach, current leadership approaches like Authentic Leadership, and our Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map. Our academies enhance the effectiveness of your investment in leadership and talent pools. Within our academies, we create a comprehensive development journey with creative content, development center applications, workshops, coaching sessions, extensive handbooks, follow-up meetings, assessment presentations, and closing events.

enthusiast liderlik ve yetenek akademileri

Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map 


Our proprietary tool, Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map, serves as the theoretical backbone for our academies, considering the most recent requirements and advancements such as the pandemic, talent management, and remote work. In setting up an academy, our initial step involves crafting a competency set tailored to the development needs of our target audience. Subsequently, training modules and diverse scenarios are tailored based on the competencies chosen from the Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map.

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If you want to address leadership development in a more comprehensive manner with long-term effects, we recommend exploring our Leadership Style section.

Authentic Leadership
Training Program

Authentic leadership has quickly become a preferred training approach for executives at large corporations in both America and Europe. In our rapidly changing world, where digitization is transforming the way we work, we see that traditional leadership approaches no longer suffice. Companies need leaders who can embrace new generations, contribute to the corporate culture, and integrate talent management into their roles. Managers who only focus on short-term goals can negatively impact the company's sustainable success. To rescue managers from this myopic mindset, it is necessary to encourage introspection.


In our authentic leadership training, we take leaders on a significant inner journey through effective exercises. This journey helps them discover their own strengths and become more confident managers on an individual level. At the same time, we assist leaders in adopting a values-based approach, making a significant contribution to the company's work culture. Our authentic leadership training program, which emphasizes values such as collaboration, sincerity, openness, and supportive leadership, also has a positive impact on employee engagement within organizations. Authentic leaders who can confidently showcase their unique personalities and, when necessary, their vulnerabilities, find it easier to earn the respect and loyalty of Generation Y and Generation Z talents.

Our founder, Tuğrul Buğra Görgü, has provided Authentic Leadership training to leader groups from various nationalities in Amsterdam. He observed that the approach created significant awareness among leaders from different cultures. He also noticed that managers from Turkey benefited greatly from the program and adapted the authentic leadership training program to the Turkish management culture

otantik liderlik

Ready to discover your leadership purpose?


With our Authentic Leadership Training Program, you'll look at your life story and explore your values, strengths, and the motifs that excite you. You are at the heart of this training; your life stories, dreams, and values. At the end of the day, you'll discover your own leadership purpose by distilling insights from your life stories.

At Enthusiast, we believe that self-awareness is a threshold, a prerequisite for a leader. We enable leaders to lead with their values and motivations, building their leadership on their strengths. The power of our Authentic Leadership program comes from its philosophy, psychological foundation, and the "peer reflection" technique. In our meticulously designed Authentic Leadership training, each group is accompanied by a competent facilitator from the Enthusiast team. Facilitators ensure that powerful exercises have maximum impact on each participant. Additionally, facilitators provide one-on-one coaching to participants as needed during the sessions.

otantik liderlik programı

Who is this program for?

The program is suitable for senior executives as well as young managers and manager candidates. While some companies prefer it to enhance the alignment of their executive boards, others position leadership academies as introductory training for employees transitioning from talent pools to leadership roles.

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If you want to address leadership development in a more comprehensive manner with long-term effects, we recommend exploring our Leadership Style section.

enthusiast satış akademisi

Sales Academy

We design end-to-end sales academies to strengthen companies' sales cultures and enhance their teams' skills. In these sales academies, we support sales managers with competencies, tactics, and tools in sales coaching and sales performance management. Additionally, we equip sales teams with skills such as effective communication, networking, and a commercial mindset. While incorporating new concepts like customer experience and value proposition into the sales approach, we also assist sales teams in managing their portfolios more analytically.


When designing academies, we identify different competencies from Enthusiast's competency map for individual and corporate sales teams, tailoring the academies to meet different segment needs. For corporate sales teams, we assist in acquiring skills such as project and contract management, customer retention, deepening relationships, hinterland strategies, and communication with top executives. At Enthusiast, we believe in adopting a systematic approach aligned with companies' brand positioning and long-term strategies, emphasizing the need for a unique sales culture. If you require more of a cultural and process transformation rather than short-term sales skill development, you may explore our Sales Culture section.

Enthusiast Training Catalogue

Below are some examples from Enthusiast Training Catalogs that meet today's most up-to-date development needs. At Enthusiast, we leverage our expertise in consultancy to analyze the corporate cultures and process requirements of the companies we partner with, in order to tailor solutions to their specific needs.

With our immersive training techniques, unique know-how such as the Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map, and our ability to generate endless scenarios for development centers, we make significant contributions to the development of your colleagues' competencies in any area.

We draw our strength not only from our enthusiasm but also from our creativity. Companies we partner with appreciate our tailor-made solutions. We are eager to meet you to contribute to your culture as well.

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