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Inspiring Storytelling and Effective Presentation Techniques Training  

Draw Attention. Convey Your Message. Sell Your Idea. Create Collaboration

Whether you're a manager or an employee, the path to success lies in persuading others. How can you convince decision-makers or implementers of your ideas? What's the key to keeping attention alive in meetings? How do you make others care about the issues facing your unit and focus on your solutions? How can you garner support from large teams and encourage voluntary contributions? How can you deliver an inspiring speech to a community? You can find answers to all these questions by learning effective storytelling and presentation techniques.

Program Outline
  • Stories move people

  • Magic blend

  • Hero’s journey

  • Stage presence

  • My story

  • Anatomy of a presentation

  • Target audience analysis

  • Visual principles

  • Useful tools

  • Working with visuals

  • Working with data

  • My presentation

İlham Verici Hikaye.jpeg
Program Structure and Innovative Techniques

Like all Enthusiast training programs, this training aims to create awareness and includes practical elements focused on behavior change. The training consists of 70% exercises and role-plays, ensuring that all participants practice desired behaviors and beneficial techniques extensively. Throughout the program, participants have multiple opportunities to engage in storytelling and presentation exercises. While some individuals may have natural abilities in this area, many others have hidden talents at varying levels. Almost anyone can reach a sufficient level or discover their hidden potential to become an effective speaker with appropriate training. Through this program, which is similar to a personalized coaching experience, participants gain the opportunity to work on speeches and presentations they are preparing for real-life situations. The program can be customized to enrich or narrow down based on the needs of both the organization and participants.

Participant Profile

The program is suitable for managers and employees at all levels who want to enhance their speaking and presentation skills.

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