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Corporate Culture Consultancy

Desired vs Lived Corporate Culture

Companies write their purposes, visions, or corporate values ​​on their websites, posters, documents, and office walls. We call this the "desired culture." In fact, your company has a culture of its own, even if it doesn't make a conscious effort, and within it, there are strengths that have kept your company standing and successful so far. We call this the "lived culture." Let's blend the values and behaviors that will carry you into the future with the strengths that make you who you are. At Enthusiast, with our expertise and unique analysis techniques, we ensure the sustainability of the successes of the companies we partner with and help them build their futures on a solid foundation of culture.
Enthusiast Corporate Culture Transformation Process 

The vision and corporate culture needs of every company are unique. At Enthusiast, we uncover your company's vision for the future, the strengths in your current culture that support it, the additional values and behaviors you will need, and the contributions you will need to make.

We work with you to create an innovative and collaborative culture that will set you apart in competition, increase your productivity, maximize employee satisfaction and contribution, and sustain your success.

Along this path, we identify which processes, behaviors, and even individuals may be hindering you. How can we transform them?

Our consultants create roadmaps to lead you to this goal and support you in implementing projects that reflect the culture you envision in your daily operations.

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Corporate Culture Consultancy Services

With our experienced team, we provide detailed roadmaps tailored to the needs of our development partners, offering practical solutions to improve the working climate within a business sector, distribution network, or specific unit while also providing comprehensive strategies for the entire organization.

·  Purpose House Workshop

·  Corporate Climate Workshop

·  Vision of Future Workshop 

·  Corporate Values and Behavior Set

·  Leadership Style Workshops 

·  Employee Satisfaction Survey

·  Identification of Employee Personas

·  In-depth Interviews Based on Personas

·  Company Roadmap

·  Department-Specific Solutions

·  VIP Communication Language

·  Corporate Communication Plan

·  Process Improvements

·  Events and Trainings

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Talent Management Consultancy

Corporate companies worldwide have an important agenda: attracting and retaining talents. Talent management consists of several stages: attracting the right talents, selecting them, acclimating them to the corporate culture, developing them, and retaining them.


To retain talents, more than just charming motivation seminars are needed:

  1. A well-structured talent management process

  2. A leadership team committed to talent development


At Enthusiast, with our homegrown know-how, we ensure that career, promotion, performance, and development processes are lean and employee-friendly. Additionally, we equip leaders with the necessary skills and tools to embrace and operate these processes.

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Our goal is not to leave you with a process that becomes shelved or turns into a bureaucratic burden after the project.

We offer the most up-to-date know-how that your leaders will be both involved in designing and implementing. Additionally, we provide supervision directly to your leaders during the implementation of the processes, ensuring that the right skills and behaviors are established from the get-go.

·  Promotion Processes

·  Talent Panels

·  4-Box, 9-Box Models

·  Development Plan Process

·  Succession Processes

·  Exit Processes

·  Remote Talent Management Practices

Talent Management Services

Here are some of the Talent Management services we offer:

·  End-to-End Talent Management Transformation

·  Employer Branding

·  Competency Library

·  Recruitment Processes

·  On-boarding Processes

·  Career Paths

·  Career Coaching Processes 

·  Online Career Guide 

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Mentorship Program

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A mentoring program is more than just a training for your managers; it's a process that requires serious preparation and follow-up. Starting mentoring programs with enthusiasm and ending them abruptly after a few sessions or months can have negative impacts on both your employer brand and employee satisfaction.

At Enthusiast, we provide end-to-end support for setting up a mentoring program for your company, assisting with the internal launch and ongoing operation of the program.

Program Setup: We start by understanding your organization's culture and primary needs. To do this, we engage with leaders and employees to determine the scope and principles of a mentoring program that aligns with your corporate culture.

Preparation Phase: We prepare a customized training program and mentor handbook tailored to your needs. We assist in selecting mentor candidates and provide them with training. We collaborate with your corporate communication department and, if necessary, your agency for launch communication.

Implementation Phase: We support the matching of mentors and mentees. Then, we initiate mentoring sessions and collect feedback from mentees to understand the program's progress. Additionally, we provide supervision support to mentors throughout this process.

Transition and Follow-up: Once the program reaches a certain stage, we generate a mentoring progress report and hand over program monitoring to the relevant department. We periodically track the program's progress thereafter. We continue to support the selection and training of mentors for the new season.

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Employee experience is the journey that your employees embark on with your company from the moment they come to interview with you as candidates. Throughout this journey, there are many factors, such as your company's culture, leadership style, employee's career and development, employee-friendly or unfriendly processes, physical conditions, well-being, and many more.

At Enthusiast, we start by uncovering your "Employee Experience Map" (EX). Which experiences make your employees happy, and which ones demotivate them?


An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is like a compass that explains how every touchpoint should be designed to resonate with employees.

At Enthusiast, we assist the institutions we partner with in creating their employee value propositions.

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·  Employee-Friendly Human Resources Organization

·  Talent Management Processes

·  Department-Specific Solutions

·  Leadership Style

·  Well-being Approaches

·  Event Design

Employee Experience Services

Below are some of the Employee Experience services we provide: 

·  Employee Pulse Surveys

·  Employee Experience Map

·  Employee Value Preposition (EVP)

·  Employee-Friendly Process Design

·  Process Streamlining

·  Company Roadmap

liderlik stili
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Many managers may see themselves solely responsible for producing business results. However, leaders should be the lever of development, enhancing their companies' culture, talents, and employee satisfaction to provide longer-term and strategic contributions to the company. At Enthusiast, while supporting companies' transformations, one of the areas we most often touch upon is leadership style. This is because we often observe that positive steps towards talent processes, working climate, innovation, etc., fail due to managers' lack of mental, methodological or competency wise preparation. In companies without a leadership style, managers tend to emulate the managers in their companies; while they learn positive attitudes, they may lack certain competencies and sometimes accept toxic behaviors as normal.

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Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map

At Enthusiast, we embrace contemporary leadership approaches such as Authentic Leadership as the most suitable and up-to-date for today's understanding of leadership. When supporting our clients, we utilize our "Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map," which we have developed taking into account the latest needs and developments such as the pandemic, talent management, and remote work. The Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map forms the solid theoretical foundation for many of our applications such as leadership academies and development centers. Let's collaborate to create a leadership style for your company that aligns with the spirit of the times for sustainable success.

Leadership Style Services

Here are some of the Leadership Style services we offer: 

·  Leadership Manifesto

·  Promotion and Succession Processes

·  Leadership Competency Set

·  Leadership Handbook

·  Development Center Application 

·  Leadership Academy Design and Implementation

·  Authentic Leadership: My Leadership Purpose

·  Supervision for Leaders in Talent Management Processes

·  Executive Coaching

·  Executive Mentoring

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Sales approach of companies is generally determined by the working styles of sales department managers and sales teams. Ensuring customer loyalty and sustainable success with an eclectic sales approach consisting of experiences from sector-transferred or homegrown salespeople is challenging. At Enthusiast, we view sales as a comprehensive culture that reflects the company's brand identity and comprises systematic and analytical processes. We establish sales organizations that do not leave sales to chance.

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Although sales skills, sales processes, and sales management are interrelated concepts, they actually represent very different situations. Therefore, the competencies of sales teams and sales managers differ. The same applies to sales teams serving different segments of customers. For example, as individuals move up the sales pyramid, they need to develop not only communication skills but also strategic and analytical perspectives.

At Enthusiast, we transform your sales organization into a well-established sales machine through approaches such as sales coaching, performance monitoring systems, sales processes, scripts, and CRM infrastructure. Following our sales culture initiatives, we enhance the skills of sales teams in line with companies' long-term strategies through the sales academies we establish.

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