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 liderlik yetkinlikleri haritası

Enthusiast Leadership
Competency Map

We design the theoretical foundations and know-how of our consultancy and training services ourselves. The Enthusiast Leadership Competencies Map, which forms the basis for many of our services, comes first among these. You can also benefit from this rich library, consisting of the most up-to-date competencies needed in today's business life. If you want to create a competency set suitable for your company's culture and values, we offer our rich library consisting of 4 dimensions, 19 competencies, and 76 sub-behaviors for your service. The Enthusiast Leadership Competencies Map is a versatile tool that can be used for the skill sets of all your employees and different expertise within various business families, not just leaders.

Our library is designed to respond to the most current developments such as the pandemic, remote work, digitalization, talent management, and includes the most up-to-date concepts such as innovation, collaboration, and authentic leadership. Since leadership is one of our main areas of expertise, we give it special importance: Unlike many examples in the industry, we measure the leadership skills of managers at different levels with 3 different competencies rather than a single competency.


Contact us for all your competency library needs, from your company's corporate culture, value set, leadership style, to talent management processes such as promotion, talent development, academy establishment, recruitment, and talent pools.

enthusiast liderlik yetkinlikleri haritası

Some of our services that are based on the Enthusiast Leadership Competency Map: 

değerlendirme ve gelişim merkezi

Assessment and  
Development Center

Our creativity in scenario writing, expertise in competency libraries, and depth in leadership converge in our Assessment and Development Center services. We have developed our applications to ensure that candidates newly joining your company or those being promoted possess the necessary skill sets and fit into your corporate culture.

We tailor our Assessment and Development Center applications, which consist of rich scenarios, according to the industry and company, or create customized scenarios and flows as needed. At Enthusiast, it is important for us that our applications are participant-friendly: Therefore, in our friendly, transparent, fast, and development-focused Assessment and Development Centers your candidates and employees do not feel anxious or excluded.

enthusiast değerlendirme ve gelişim merkezi

Especially in the Development Center, we assist participants in creating their development plans with our transparent and positive mentoring approach, both in the instant feedback sessions at the end of the application and in the feedback sessions involving their manager and Human Resources after the application. With these aspects, we differentiate ourselves from indifferent, cold, and unconstructive practices both globally and in our country. Based on our proprietary competency library, we are ready to contribute to your talent management processes with our rich and up-to-date Assessment and Development Center applications.



Life is short; finding solutions to problems shouldn't take too long.

Achieve change in a short period, averaging 5 sessions!

At Enthusiast, we apply proven and consistent coaching approaches. One of these is Solution-Focused Brief Coaching (SFBC), based on the Solution Focused Brief Therapy method developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. In this approach, we focus our time on solutions and the future rather than examining problems and the past. Our focus is not on what the client wants to leave behind but on what they want to achieve.


Our team includes experienced coaches who have received coaching training from leading centers such as BRIEF London. We use coaching as a powerful tool in consultancy projects and academy designs. We support our clients in a wide range of areas, from career dilemmas and personal development to stress-related issues and personal life problems. Additionally, we assist leaders in overcoming challenges they encounter in team management, workplace conflicts, and public speaking.

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