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Innovative Customer Experience (CX)
Design Training  

Hygiene Factor for All Sectors and Industries

We live in a world where startups challenge large corporations, and some manage to distinguish themselves and become giants. So, what are they doing differently? They meticulously study the "customer lesson" even before their projects come to life. The troubles and gaps created by established organizations' production or service-oriented approaches become opportunities for them. In this program by Enthusiast, you will gain insights into various aspects of Customer Experience — from its history to its culture, from CX formulas to customer journey maps.


It's a critical area for all sectors, from retail to finance, from e-commerce to the service industry. It's essential that all departments, not just marketing or sales, in companies within these sectors embrace this understanding to survive in competition.

Program Outline
  • History of customer experience

  • CX culture

  • CX organization

  • Customer value proposition

  • Pains & Gains

  • Creating emotional experience

  • Start-up mindset

  • Working with persona concept

  • Customer complaints are opportunities

  • CX measurement methods

  • NPS: Promoters & Detractors

  • Customer experience map

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Program Structure and Innovative Techniques

Like all Enthusiast trainings, this program aims to create awareness and includes practical elements for behavior change. Comprising 70% exercises and role-playing, it ensures ample practice for all participants in desired behaviors and useful techniques. While briefly touching on all aspects of customer experience, this program provides exercises specifically for the most crucial skills. It can be tailored to enrich or streamline according to the needs of both the organization and the participants.

Participant Profile

The program is suitable for all employees and managerial segments who require influence skills at basic and intermediate levels. Its content is adjusted based on the experience level of the participant group.

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