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Mastery in Sales and Sales Coaching

Become an Effective Sales Coach Who Increases Sales Capacity in Their Region.

Today, many sales managers spend their days distributing targets, reporting what's been achieved, and asking questions over the phone that they don't believe in. "Give me your forecast for today," "Can we reach 105 today?", "Why didn't we hit our target?" A competent sales coach has more tools than this to manage sales in a value-added way.

Enthusiast's practical sales training provides skills that can be applied immediately. Experienced sales coaches not only achieve short-term targets but also develop strategies to increase the sales capacity of their region in the medium term. Sustainable success lies in improving the competencies of sales teams and providing them with systematic support. Reserve your spot in this training to learn many skills, such as harnessing the power of effective storytelling, understanding the intricacies of target audience preference, increasing campaign effectiveness with scripts, and real-time development through supervision.

Program Outline
  • Sales competency inventory

  • Assessment of team competencies

  • Team building

  • Sales supervision

  • Sales feedback

  • Nuances of appreciation and rewarding

  • Competency development

  • Storytelling techniques

  • Writing sales scripts

  • Target audience analysis

  • Building trust  

  • Effective targeting

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Program Structure and Innovative Techniques

Like all Enthusiast trainings, this program aims to create awareness and includes practical elements aimed at behavior change. The training consists of 70% exercises and role-playing activities, allowing all participants to practice desired behaviors and useful techniques extensively. Participants have the opportunity to try out techniques they learn through role plays in sales supervision, giving feedback, and sales coaching. Additionally, through individual and group exercises, they gain practical skills in other areas.

Participant Profile

Recommended for first and mid-level sales managers responsible for managing sales teams. The content and exercises are tailored based on the industry and the sales and leadership experience of the participant group.

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