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Design Thinking

“Innovation is what makes the difference between leaders and followers.”  – Steve Jobs

Today, innovation stands as one of the most crucial cultural values that companies strive to maintain. Innovative thinkers possess a practice of thinking radically rather than merely improving the status quo. A similar situation underlies why established institutions sometimes lose market share to startups (Innovator’s Dilemma). Enthusiast's Design Thinking program imparts both an innovation culture and design thinking skills.


In every sector, there is a need to streamline both customer processes and internal operations to be more lean, user-friendly, and innovative. We invite anyone aiming to differentiate themselves in customer or employee experience, design new products and services, and optimize every process affecting their efficiency to join this program.

Program Outline
  • History of Design's Emergence

  • Stages of Design: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

  • "Fail Early Fail Often" Approach

  • Revolutionary Innovation

  • Working with Persona Concept

  • Process Design

  • Lean Design Principle

  • Creative Thinking Methods

  • Application Design

  • Innovation Culture

Program Structure and Innovative Techniques

Like all Enthusiast trainings, this training also creates awareness and includes practical elements aimed at behavior change. Comprising 70% exercise and role-playing, each participant gets the opportunity to apply at least one technique in a group setting. The program can be enriched or narrowed down based on the needs of the organization and participants.

Participant Profile

The program will be beneficial not only for internal trainers, managers, and project teams involved in creative idea generation and problem-solving processes but also for young talents expected to manage these processes.

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