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Mastering The Art Of Facilitation

Help Teams Find the Best Solutions Through Productive Sessions

Facilitation is the art of guiding people towards predetermined objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership, and creativity by all those involved. Facilitators are not the ones providing answers, they help the group create a common wisdom and select the best alternative that suits their needs and circumstances.

A successful facilitator deeply understands the group, sees different perspectives, sparks discussions, and creates efficient environments that support creative idea generation. In other words, facilitation is not just about a set of techniques; it's about understanding people, their motivations, and the context they are in.

Program Outline

Terminology and Basics

  • What is facilitation?

  • Facilitation vs. Training

  • Role of a facilitator

  • Facilitator profile

  • Preparation

  • Running a session


Toolkit of Facilitator

  • Ice-breakers

  • Brainstorming

  • Consensus

  • Group discussion

  • Strategy tools

  • Creative tools

  • Problem-solving tools


Art of Orchestration

  • Handling difficult people or loops

  • Balancing power gaps

  • Encourage and amplify premature ideas

Program Structure and Innovative Techniques

Like all Enthusiast trainings, this training also creates awareness and includes practical elements aimed at behavior change. Comprising 70% exercise and role-playing, each participant gets the opportunity to apply at least one technique in a group setting. The program can be enriched or narrowed down based on the needs of the organization and participants.

Participant Profile

The program will be beneficial not only for internal trainers, managers, and project teams involved in creative idea generation and problem-solving processes but also for young talents expected to manage these processes.

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