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Pınar Darende
Coach, Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator
”Pioneer of digital transformation: Supporting organizations and employees in the Middle East and Turkey in enhancing digital communication strategies.”

Born in 1987. Graduated from Izmir Private Turkish High School for Science and then Koç University with a B.A. in Business Administration (English).


Began her career at Merch Sharp & Dohme Turkey as a Multichannel Marketing Specialist. She designed and implemented the first-ever public health campaign using social media channels in Turkey. She also provided social media training to employees.


While serving as the Senior Online Commerce Specialist at Vodafone Turkey, she managed the Self Service channels. She spearheaded significant projects such as Vodafone Forum, Turkey's first brand-managed forum, and the first social commerce application, Facebook Self-Service. She assumed the leadership of internal digitalization by providing Vodafone employees with training on ''Consumer Behavior in Social and Digital Media'' and ''Emerging Digital Trends''.


Later, she worked as a Senior Strategist at directComm Marketing Group, a renowned communication agency under the WPP Group. She crafted 360-degree communication strategies for leading brands in sectors such as banking, automotive, technology, fashion, fast-moving consumer goods, and gastronomy.


In 2016, she moved to Qatar to work as the Customer Relations Director at Havas, an international communication agency. She assisted in crafting communication strategies for both public and private sector institutions in Qatar.

She developed the communication strategy for the Qatar Tax Authority and managed the launch of the consumption tax. She ensured the adaptation of new employees to the organizational culture through a 90-day Onboarding Program she established. She also developed ''Communication and Change Management Programs'' for employees of the Qatar Ministry of Finance.


At Ogilvy Qatar, she served as the Director of Customer Relations, where she developed ''Industry 4.0'' and ''Digital Transformation'' strategies for various government institutions. To disseminate digital transformation across these institutions, she conducted workshops such as ''Digital Agility Measurement'', as well as provided training on ''Digital Business Model and Strategy'', ''Digital Workforce and Talent Development'', and ''Digital Customer, Channel, and Operations Management’.


In 2019, Mrs. Darende joined the Enthusiast team and took over the management of the Enthusiast Qatar office. She conducts workshops such as Brand Positioning, Brainstorming, Go-to-Market Strategy, etc. for companies trading between Qatar and Turkey. Additionally, she offers training on Authentic LeadershipTeam CommunicationPresentation Techniques, Communication Strategy, and Marketing. She also provides executive and career coaching services.

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