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Authentic Leadership Training Program

Ready to discover your leadership purpose?

Authentic Leadership, the world's most esteemed leadership approach, is featured in the programs of many prestigious educational institutions, including Harvard Business School. Our founder, Tuğrul Buğra Görgü, adapted the program to Turkish management culture after serving as an instructor and facilitator in numerous authentic leadership trainings in Amsterdam.


You are at the heart of this training — your life stories, dreams, and values. You will recall the things that made you happiest in your childhood, the excitements of your youth, the proud moments in your professional life, and the times when life tested you. You will discover the dreams you have suppressed, the values that make you unique, and the strengths you have overlooked. By the end of the day, you will discover your own leadership purpose distilled from the knowledge gained from your life stories.

Program Goals

The program aims to achieve two main goals together:

enhancing the leader's competence and improving the organizational culture.

For Leaders:

  • Self-awareness

  • Strengths developments

  • Open and supportive leadership attitude

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Formulating a personal purpose

  • Creating a personal development plan

For Institutions:

  • Increased internal collaboration

  • Strengthening internal transparency

  • Enhancing trust in leader/institution

  • Contributing to a positive work climate

  • Reinforced employee engagement

Strong Methodology and Innovative Techniques

In the training conducted in groups of six, participants remain in the same group throughout the program. 70% of the program consists of exercises. During the two-day training, each group is accompanied by a competent facilitator from the Enthusiast team. Facilitators provide one-on-one coaching to participants as needed during the activities.

Participant Profile

It is highly recommended that all leaders involved in strategic decision-making, those who make budget decisions, those with the authority to shape teams, and "managers of managers" participate in this training. The program can also be adapted to include young managers or talents in the management pool, depending on the organization's needs.

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