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Analytical Thinking and Data-Driven Decision Making Training  

Effective Decision-Making Process and Problem Solving

The best way to influence your stakeholders at work is to speak with data. Numbers are the language of impact, and when you present figures, people will better understand the value of your outputs. With this program, you will learn how to work with data and enrich it. These techniques will help you enhance your business by optimizing your existing resources and finding better solutions.

In all business sectors, there is a need for rich information to improve the accuracy of people's decisions. But how do you thoroughly examine a complex problem to reach the most meaningful data? This program will enable you to extract a simple process or suitable solution from business problems and piles of information. You will strengthen your ability to see meaningful parts, elements, and patterns within a whole, and uncover the relationships between them.

Program Outline

​Handling Data

  • Reading data tables

  • Requesting more data

  • Relating different data

  • Creating new variables & ratios


Optimization Skills

  • Pareto principle

  • Basic data modeling


Analytical Thinking

  • Asking the right questions

  • Root cause analysis through chaining questions

  • Identifying working systems from unorganized and complex structures

  • Analyzing by breaking down the whole into meaningful parts

  • Identifying opportunities

  • Sorting out challenging situations

  • Finding solutions that work for problems

  • Lean processes

Program Structure and Innovative Techniques

Like all Enthusiast trainings, this training creates awareness and incorporates practical elements aimed at behavior change. The training, consisting of 70% exercises and role-playing, ensures that all participants get ample practice in desired behaviors and beneficial techniques. Participants learn through individual or group exercises, experiencing real-life scenarios adapted to their industries. The program can be customized or narrowed down according to the needs of both the organization and the participants.

Participant Profile

The program is suitable for all employees and managerial segments who require analytical thinking skills at beginner or intermediate levels.

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